Casa de filme 9

Logo Design
They're the creative minds behind the award-winning and audience favorite thriller Capra cu Trei Iezi (IMDb 8.1). And they needed a logo.

Work delivered: Brand Design, Animation Supervision

Animation: All Mad Studio

Another beautiful co-op story with my friends at animation powerhouse All Mad Studio. Let's take a quick look at how this project came to be.

The brief:
What's the first thing the audience sees, when a movie starts? It's the studio's logo. Casa de Filme 9 were busy delivering a cinema sensation, but had no time to think of their own brand. Now, they needed a logo, one that could set the mood and steer audience expectations.

The idea:
After several days of sketching and piling up dozens of ideas, one drawing stood out. Reveal the "9" glyph, emerging "from behind the curtains". This is a company whose work is seen in theatres, so the metaphor felt right.

The challenge:
However, 'feels right' isn't enough. This abstract solution did work, but felt somewhat incomplete. After all, there must be a million 'slashed glyph' logos out there. We needed a twist to make it unique.

Logo variations

Bend the straight lines into a new, more organic shape. Suddenly, it's not so abstract anymore.

Logo generation and alignment grids
The underlying grid

The final product
It was now up to All Mad Studio to deliver their magic. Instead of generating a plain mask & reveal sequence, they created a 3D volume for the "eye", and built controls in it, to generate credible eye movement. Coupled with shading, a subtle camera movement and inspired transitions for the typography, this animation fully delivered that mood the client was looking for.

Logo generation storyboard

Finally, let's take a quick look behind the curtains at the awesome joystick-driven animation rig, built in Adobe After Effects for this project.

Awesome animation setup by All Mad Studio.

If you enjoyed reading this, you'll absolutely love their film, Capra cu Trei Iezi, for which I also created some of the key art and posters. You can find it on Netflix, from March 23rd.

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