The Decree Chronicles

Logo design
The Decree Chronicles needed a striking visual identity, to help the project stand out and tell a powerful story. An initiative led by distinguished journalists, delving deeply into the calamitous aftermath of Ceausescu's decree to outlaw abortion and regulate women's reproductive rights.

Work delivered: Editorial brand identity

Editorial Team: Mihai Matei, Diana Oncioiu, Vlad Stoicescu, Diana Meseșan, Octavian Coman, Valentin Santarosa, Andreea Tătaru, Alexandru Mihai

This was not going to be a quiet logo. An editorial project documenting a decades-long human tragedy needed a logo to assert its relevance. It had to be simple, frontal and bold.

Main logo, Romanian edition

Early ideas

My first attempts were, in retrospect, predictable: “hey let’s use Ceausescu’s face.” This approach provided considerable visual impact, but there was a problem: that all-too-familiar mug hijacked the message.

Using famous references in a logo is sometimes practical. However, in this case the dictator's notoriety was parasitic, it grabbed too much attention. This project was not about him.

Early attempts, discarded: Ceausescu's face (rough drafts)

A better concept was needed, one that could provide its own meaning. After several attempts, one idea stood out: the female symbol, locked behind vertical prison bars. A tribute to the victims of the totalitarian regime's persecutions. A clear, simple symbol.

Early drafts

This approach immediately resonated with the editorial team, so I started to develop the idea into a logo, trying various graphic executions, colors and typefaces.

Drafts and explorations

The final logo (shown above) was quickly delivered, and the project was launched.

Check out The Decree Chronicles website, available in English and Romanian.

Website designed by Valentin Santarosa & Laurențiu Brezeanu / Essensys Software

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